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CALL 604-623-3477 OR CALL TOLL FREE AT +1-866-623-3477

Banning Plastic Bags

Vancouver shopping bag by-law starts January 1st

What does this mean?

Vancouver is breaking up with single use plastic shopping bags!

Effective Jan 1, 2022, there is a ban on plastic shopping bags and required fees on paper and reusable shopping bags. Businesses keep the fees from paper and reusable bags. Find out more...

Donating all our bag fees!

100% of our by-law bag fees will be donated to offset the plastic waste we create as a small company. It's our responsibility to take care of the planet now.


Paper Shopping Bags

A minimum fee of $0.15 must be charged per paper shopping bag in 2022. Increasing to $0.25 in 2023.

Must be labeled with the word “recyclable” and at least 40% recycled materials.

New Reusable Shopping Bags

A minimum fee of $1 must be charged per new reusable shopping bag in 2022. Increasing to $2 in 2023.

Must be made primarily of fabric and made to last at least 100 uses.

Our In-Store Bags

Our In-Store Bags

While we encourage you to bring your own bag, we do have two bags available in our shop for a small fee. One reusable tote and one paper bag of which 100% of proceeds of these sales will go directly to cleaning mother earth.

We also have other cotton totes available for sale in our store.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a plastic bag around my hammock when I ordered online. Why is that?

The plastic bag that is around your hammock is the same plastic bag we receive them in from Mexico and helps protect your hammock during the shipping process. We try our best to re-use the plastic we do receive as we improve our carbon footprint.

What if I don't have my own bag when I buy a hammock in your shop?

We have multiple options for you if this is the case.

Single use plastic bags have been banned but we have paper bags and tote bags available for a small fee in accordance with the new city of Vancouver by-law.

We also have two amazing re-usable bags for sale in our shop. Our Cotton Market Tote and our Bag-in-Bag, made from left-over fabric from our Parachute Hammocks.

Where can I recycle the plastic I did receive with my hammock?

In British Columbia we have a plastic Recycling program & depots which is the best and most efficient way to deal with your plastic waste. Please check with your local city for the best way to recycle plastic.

When will you be donating to SurfRider Foundation?

Our first donation will be in January 2023 after an entire year of sales in the shop. Our donation size will depends on the amount of paper bags and tote bags that are sold in our retail location in Vancouver. Once the bag fees increase on January 1st, 2023 so will our donation.

Can you tell me any more information?

This is the first year that this by-law exist and we are open to feedback. Send us an email with any thoughts or suggestions you may have.