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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need a Hammock in Calgary

  1. Boost Your Imagination: While it might not make you taller or stronger, lounging in a hammock can certainly spark your imagination. Drift into a nap and who knows, you might dream up the next big idea or wake up with a fresh perspective on things.

  2. Wildlife Encounters: Calgary’s proximity to the wild means unexpected guests like bear cubs might explore your backyard. If one decides to test out your hammock, you’ve got a viral video just like THIS ONE. Just ensure to keep a safe distance!

  3. Elevate Your Work-from-home Experience: With the rise of remote work, why not make your home office a haven of comfort? A hammock chair is a fun and comfy addition that could make those Zoom meetings a bit more bearable.

  4. A Local Getaway: Who needs a weekend in Banff when you can create a retreat right in your backyard? A hammock is your ticket to a mini-vacation without leaving the city.

  5. Chill with a Chilled Beer: There’s something about sipping a cold beer from a hammock that just feels right. With one of our Handy Drink Holders, your relaxing afternoon just got an upgrade.

  6. Chinook-Ready Relaxation: Calgary's unique Chinooks bring a sudden warmth even in winter. Be ready to embrace these warm winds by setting up your hammock and soaking up the sun. Make sure to bring a Saltillo with you.

  7. Social Swing: Hammocks naturally become a social hub in any gathering. Whether you're hosting a backyard BBQ or a casual get-together, a hammock invites conversation, laughter, and shared moments. It's a fun and relaxed way to foster connections with family and friends, making any gathering in Calgary a memorable one.

  8. Summer Serenity: The beautiful summers are Calgary's reward for enduring those chilly winters. There’s no better way to enjoy the sunny days than lounging in a hammock, feeling the gentle breeze.

  9. Canadian Hospitality: Embrace the Canadian spirit of kindness and hospitality by offering a comfy hammock seat to guests. It’s a warm and welcoming gesture that embodies the friendly vibe of Calgary.

  10. Beat the Traffic Blues: We all know Calgary traffic can be a chore, especially during rush hours. Imagine a hammock awaiting your arrival at home to unwind and shake off the stress of the road. It's your personal decompression zone after a long commute.

In Calgary, where the winters are long but the summers are an absolute delight, owning a hammock is a decision you won’t regret. It's an invitation to slow down, enjoy life, and immerse in the natural beauty that surrounds you.