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CALL 604-623-3477 OR CALL TOLL FREE AT +1-866-623-3477

- Hanging a hammock -

How do I hang my hammock?

Each hammock we sell come you comes with hanging instructions to help you get set up the first time. If you don't have one or need

Do my hammocks come with hanging hardware & accessories?

All of our hammocks are sold with a hanging kit included with them so that you are ready to go hammocking right out of the box. See our Hanging Guide to see how and where you can hang it.

Do your hammocks fit on stands?

Yes, our hammocks are a standard size to fit on different types of hammock stands. Check our our Compare Hammocks page for product dimensions.

- Product Information -

What's the difference between THICK and THIN Hangout Chairs?

Because this get's asked all the time we have created a little comparison chart for you to look at online. Click HERE

Can you hammocks withstand the weather?

Absolutely they can. Our Hangoout Chairs are made out of nylon which is weather proof and won't mold like cotton would if left out in the rain. Our Lounger Hammocks are made out of cotton so they need a little more love and care outdoors.

How do I take care of my hammock?

Every hammock we sell is a hand made product and requires some care to keep it in prime condition. Our nylon hammocks can be left out in the sun and rain with no worries of mildew but you want to take it in in extreme weather. The most important thing to watch for is snagging the fabric so avoid any sharp objects, buttons, velcro and zippers while sitting in your hammock.

What happens if I get a snag in my hammock?

It happens! Stop sitting in your hammock right away, any further use of it will make it worse. Send up some photos of your hammock and how it happened to and our HAMUHK experts will get back to you. If we can fix your hammock we will do that first, if not we will offer a new hammock for you at a discount as a returning customer.

Return & Exchange Policy

What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with your hammock. We have a 14-day return policy from the day you get your order. Please note that the shipping cost for returns must be covered by the customer as we are a small company. Each return item will be inspected to determine that is is in unused and a resalable condition. If upon inspection the items are deemed in unsalable condition or have been used or altered in any way, your refund or exchange credit will be subject to approval.

How do I return or exchange my hammock?

Give us a shout! Contact us at and we will get your started.

- Wholesale -

We can't wait to get more hammocks in your amazing retail & resort locations. We can offer very competitive rates with a wide variety of yarns/fabrics that will suit any need. Reach our to us at

Still have questions?

We are here to answer those for you. We have 15 years of hammock experience at your disposal.


Figured it out?

Let's get you that perfect hammock!