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The Truth Behind the Viral Hammock on a Bus Video

The Truth Behind the Viral Hammock on a Bus Video

Where is the no hammock sign?

You might have come across it—a viral video on social media showing a man aggressively lounging in a hammock on a city bus, defying the bus driver’s request to remove it.

“Where’s the no hammock sign?” the man in a red hoodie quips in the video, while reclining in a blue hammock secured to two silver grab bars behind the driver’s seat.

According to the creators, it was a staged skit.

The original post comes from Lexi and Ocean, a newly married couple known for "making amazing videos." Their Facebook page had garnered over 30,000 followers as of Wednesday.

"This video was made for entertainment purposes only," the couple wrote in a May 1 post featuring the video, which had received more than 133,000 likes by Wednesday afternoon.

While the couple did not disclose the location where the skit was filmed, they shared in a separate live video on Monday the reasons behind creating and sharing the skit with their audience.

What the video shows?

The video depicts a bus driver, standing in front of the hammock, telling the man to get out of the hammock and take it down.

"If you don't come out of the bag I'm calling the police," the driver says.

"No," he chirps, then spins around in the hammock like a giant, fat snake wrapping around prey.

 “There's AC in here and I'm not moving," he says at one point.

"What the..." one alleged bus passenger on the video is heard saying. "Can you get down so we can get where we are going? Get down!"

What we think as a hammock company?

Proper hammock setup involves ensuring secure anchoring and weight support, aspects that cannot be guaranteed on a moving bus. Attempting to use a hammock in such an environment could lead to accidents and discomfort for both the user and fellow passengers. We urge all hammock enthusiasts to use their hammocks in appropriate and safe settings.

This video has been sent to us at least 17 times in the last 48 hours and we love anything hammock related.

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